St Hockey

St Hockey in a nutshell

Street Hockey is a variation of ice hockey played in a rink on a non-ice surface. Street Hockey is played with a ball, hockey sticks and sneakers.
The official street hockey ball is orange with diameter of 7 cm and weighs approximately 80g.
St Hockey tour consist of qualifying tournaments from which the best teams are invited to play in the final tournament.
Players and teams may take part in one or more tournaments if willing to.
Street Hockey is a team sport that is is easy to take part in regardless of your level of expertise.
Every year the tour attracts thousands of different aged players – beginners as well as experts.
It is very usual that playing teams include beginners as well as athletes and professional ice hockey players, who have come to enjoy the sports with their friends.
In addition to these, All Star games are the absolute highlight of the events.
All Star line-ups consist of well-known ice hockey players and entertainment stars and these alone attract thousands of spectators to enjoy the events.
In each country the tour schedule is planned locally. The number of event dates will be increased based on the popularity of the events (number of teams participating).
St Hockey event tour

The yearly Street Hockey tournament was organised first time in Finland in 2004.
Every year over 200 teams and 4000 players take part in the tour to compete for the Finnish St Hockey Championship.
Well-known hosts & DJs together with live music bring a lively summer atmosphere to the event.
Street hockey venues activate spectators and by-passers with promotion points and side events.
The venue’s activity points include hockey related competitions such as radar guns, trick shot & skill competitions.
Street Hockey events have free admission.

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