Current World Champion's

The current WBHF World Champion's:
Men's 5vs5: Czechia 
Women's 5vs5: Russia 
Masters Men's 5vs5: Canada 
Masters Women's 5vs5: Canada 
U20 5vs5: Slovakia 
U18 5vs5: Canada 
U16 5vs5: Canada 
U14 5vs5: Slovakia 
GU20 5vs5: Canada 
Men's 4vs4: Quebec 
Women's 4vs4: Canada 
Masters Men's 4vs4: Quebec 
Men's 3vs3: Canada 
Women's 3vs3: Canada 
Masters Men's 3vs3: Canada 
U17 3vs3: Canada 
U19 3vs3: Quebec 
Men's 1vs1: Czechia 

The current WBHF European Champion's:

Men's 5vs5: Team Europe
Men's 3vs3: Czechia 
Women's 3vs3: Slovakia 
Masters 3vs3: Slovakia